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Are you at a crossroads in your career?

Have you come to a crossroads on the journey to building the career you want? Maybe things aren’t exactly going according to plan…perhaps you have been faced with bottlenecks that slowed your progress. The path to success is often littered with missteps and failures. Many sales people fail because they lacked clear objectives or were unsure how to build the “right” skills in the “right” way. We can achieve our dreams when we take the time to challenge our assumptions and bravely test our ideas!

How do you decide the next right move for your career?

Where do you turn when you need advice that goes beyond simple tactics?
Finding the right support as you build your sales career isn’t easy.

You can have the sales career you want.
You don’t have to do it alone.

Cherilynn supports motivated professionals, including beginning sellers, women in sales, and entrepreneurs in the creation of careers that serve them well. We help people just like you who want to build a career to be proud of. If you desire to find a sales career that’s right for you, you can take the first important step by attending this workshop.

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Learn to trust your internal source of wisdom.  You are your own greatest teacher.

Move from awareness to action.

Learn to see failure as a badge of effort.

Take your sales career or business to the next level. 

Cherilynn has coached executives, sales professionals and start-up entrepreneurs, so whatever your goals, she can help. 

Learn more about professional coaching.

An Intro Coaching Session  (Fee-Waived) can help us determine whether Cherilynn is the right coach for you 

Workshops Topics

How the workshops Work


During each session, you will be guided through a process and framework designed to help you see your products and services, your customers, and your career in a whole new light.

By the end of the session, you will have the insight, tools, and knowledge you need to create, differentiate, and successfully sell your products and services in ways that truly resonate with the people you want to serve and impact.


workshops & masterclasses

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Move wider and higher up your client’s organizations

-Learn while doing actual research for current clients

-Discover how financial results drive strategy

-Leverage corporate finance as a sales tool

-Learn rapid research techniques 

-Parse financial statements for connection

-Link what you sell to what clients buy 

Value Story Creation - Selling Mastery Series

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Speak with confidence fueled by conviction

-Practice challenging industry conversations to build confidence and success

-Create value stories that inspire and move your clients 

-Sharpen powers of observation to develop client and industry insights

-Evolve your approaches to better help your clients succeed 

Selling In To The “C Suite” - Selling Mastery Series

Financial Fluency - Selling Mastery Series

Selling In To The “C Suite” - Selling Mastery Series

Increase your confidence so you can have C level conversations

-Understand the executive mindset 

-Increase the speed and size of deals by moving up and across your client’s organization. 

-Develop social relationships and share insights for sales optimization

Build confidence, knowledge, and skills to develop strong transformative partnerships with your clients

Career Advancement

Sales For Nonprofits

Selling In To The “C Suite” - Selling Mastery Series

Gain the energy and confidence to get unstuck

-Connect with your company’s executive leadership team

-Make the move into sales management

-Get the promotion you’ve earned

-Learn to leverage relationships

-Thrive when you’re the only WOC

-Get recognition for your achievements

Living in Balance

Sales For Nonprofits

Sales For Nonprofits

Remember how amazing you truly are

-Find work life balance and interpersonal harmony

-Prioritize Self-care

-Practice Inner work - Peace and joy from within with meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude

-Achieve what makes your heart sing

-Overcome fear, grief, regret, and pain

Sales For Nonprofits

Sales For Nonprofits

Sales For Nonprofits

“Nonprofit” and “Sales” - Two words that rarely appear In the same sentence

-Take the "ick" out of sales

-Build confidence and responsiveness

-Position your nonprofit as a priority with funders, donors, and program participants

-Establish your nonprofit as a strategic partner

-Communicate with innovation and insights