The Power of Your Ask: Getting What You Want

Join us May 14, 2021 at 12-1 pm PT

Have you ever felt uncomfortable asking for something? Or been afraid to ask because you fear rejection?It’s hard not to take “no” personally and find the confidence to ask for what you want.

Cherilynn Castleman, leading sales coach, author and internationally renowned sales expert, will help you understand and improve the power of your ask. She will explore common fears that may be holding you back and give you tips on how to gain confidence, clarity, and formulate an ask that feels good for both you and the person receiving it. Her philosophy is: in order to reach your life goals and dreams, you have to learn to ask for what you want and need.

Join us for a fun and interactive session on how to use your own innate superpowers to achieve your goals through the power of your asks.

About Cherilynn: Cherilynn Castleman, managing partner and executive coach at CGI is a sales coach and internationally renowned sales expert. She also currently serves as the chief learning officer for Sistas In Sales, the first national organization that serves women of color in professional sales careers. Specializing in teaching clients how to develop effective growth strategies and market models to increase productivity and revenue, the Minnesota born professional has more than 20 years of enterprise C-level selling and relationship experience. The purpose of her training is to equip professionals and small business leaders to solve tough sales, while also teaching them about leadership and culture challenges. She is the best-selling author of: What’s in the C.A.R.D.S.?: 5 Post-Pandemic Sales Strategies.

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