The 20% Podcast: The Art of Empathetic Listening, and Getting To “7 No’s”

March 21, 2022

“You are going to be told no all your life, if someone doesn’t tell me No 7 times, they haven’t told me no yet – Cherilynn Castleman

No usually doesn’t mean no, it means not right now, and every no gets you closer to that yes! 

When navigating no, you need to learn how to:
– Overcome that specific objection
– How to be resilient
– How to answer no and provide more information

What are the other benefits of being a sales professional?
– How to connect with people
– How to be empathetic
– How to listen
– Understanding different communication styles 

Cherilynn is currently the Managing Partner at CGI Executive Coaching, where she coaches sales professionals and entrepreneurs so they can understand how they can best contribute to their organization’s success, and move up the ranks all while creating the future they want.

Cherilynn has spent the last 20 years helping Fortune 500 clients as a global sales executive both as an individual contributor, as well as manager. She is also a writer who has contributed to national award-winning series, and as a speaker, she aims to bring her audience to develop new skills and hone their processes. In this episode, we discussed:

  • Learning To Hear 7 No’s
  • How Empathetic Listening Is The Key To Post Pandemic Selling
  • Vulnerability In Sales
  • How Sales Is An Everyday Skill
  • Cherilynn’s Top 3 Sales Skills
  • Much More

Please enjoy this week’s episode with Cherilynn Castleman.

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