I found Cherilynn’s webinar to be incredibly informative. Her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge, and resource sharing was captivating.

- Tiffany Spraggins-Payne, MBA

Design & Business Strategist | Innovator | Creative | Change Agent, U.S. Department of Transportation

Everyone needs a Cherilynn in their life. She’s provided me great knowledge, skills and changed my way of thinking

- Delilah Moreno

Account Executive at Experian Decision Analytics - Public Sector

If you want to discover your true brilliance and maximize your potential as a professional woman and leader, then look no further than Cherilynn Castleman. Cherilynn has been my north star in this amazing and challenging 2021. She has shown me how to unlock the gifts I already encompass and blend them with new ways of being, uncovering my authentic self. Showing up authentic and trusting myself fully has truly changed my life both personally and professionally. Her ability to lift women up and teach them to recognize and develop their greatness is undeniable and I feel so fortunate to have been included in her first ever T-Mobile Anchoring Women Leadership program (AWL). For 6 months we met weekly both as a small team of 6 women peers and in 1:1 sessions. She is a master. I cannot recommend Cherilynn highly enough! #cherilynncastleman #salescoaching

- Sheri Olsen

Technology Sales Leader and Client Partner at T-Mobile

Before my coaching sessions with Cherilynn, I would write off people within my workplace that I just had a hard time dealing with – our personalities just did not mix well. Even though their team could provide my team resources I would end up doing it myself just to avoid the complicated dynamic. Through my sessions with Cherilynn, I was able to discover that my own workplace social style made me think things had to be done my way, which meant that I was spending more time doing tedious tasks and less time thinking like a leader.  I discovered that I needed to take ownership as a leader to build that relationship by focusing on what they were interested in. With the help of Cherilyn, I took a strained relationship and turn it into a productive partnership – allowing me to get the proper resources for my team and giving me more time to focus on the overall vision and strategy for my team. The lessons I’ve learned from Cherilynn gave me an immediate return and she has given me tools that I will be able to use throughout my career.

- Jestine Cervera

Senior Business Development Manager, Experian

Thank you so much for your presentation at Justworks (SKO)! Your content and attitude was captivating, and I can’t wait to put what I learned into action!

- Noelle Lamparelli

Sales Development Associate, Justworks

I was eagerly trying to find a female speaker that could relate to the many women in tech sales, like myself, in my current role at Twilio. I first came across Cherilynn during an event with Sistas in Sales that I attended a while back. Without knowing exactly when or how. I knew I had to have Cherilynn join us and show us another powerful side of being a woman in sales. Cherilynn will challenge you and your team to look inwards and bring to the world your true self. Through story telling of her own experience and with a very interactive style all of us where left with a sense of belonging, because we discovered that our challenges were the same and an actual plan on how to achieve whatever our vision was. She collaborated step by step in the logistics of the event and provided us with great advise on how to run these sessions successfully based on our goals her experience and our audience. I honestly can’t wait to continue working with her in the future.

- Jill Barrientos

Digital Transformation - Account Executive, Twilio

The first time we ever had Cherilynn speak on a panel at Sales Hacker, the audience was electrified — and our team was, too. Every word out of her lips is fire! Inspiring, infectious, and awe-inspiring. Our team Slack channel was buzzing: Can we book Cherilynn for like 1 million more events? SERIOUSLY!! I honestly just want a constant Cherilynn talk track happening so that I can constantly be inspired and motivated no matter the circumstance. Cherilynn’s experience and passion — her determination to be a change agent and enable others to do the same, to build a better tomorrow, and to rise the tide for all — is nothing short of extraordinary. Count the Sales Hacker team as fans for life! We can’t wait to bring her back as a featured speaker. – Savannah, Tess, and Kendra from Sales Hacker

- Kendra Fortmeyer

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Sales Hacker / Outreach

Working with Cherilynn was everything I had no idea I needed! She is excellent at pulling out the best in you which helps you be the best for your clients. Cherilynn has a way of asking you the right questions that really led to new perspectives, strategies, and breakthroughs. Even after been a seasoned sales professional of 16 years, I learned countless sales techniques which helped me better serve my clients. The 1:1 coaching sessions with Cherilynn were extremely valuable. In fact, I finished 22% higher against my quota this year as a result of strategies and techniques discussed during my coaching sessions.

- Taneishia S. Fields

Decision Analytics Software Consultant, Experian

Cherilynn Castleman is one of the most intuitive person I’ve ever met. She gives amazing advice, and direction but most importantly she is a great and active listener. Because she has wealth of experience, she can pinpoint trends within your career and lead you on a better path. Cherilynn Castleman is more than a “sounding board” for ideas, she is a strategist, an advisor and friend. I feel extremely lucky to have met her.

- Chantel George

CEO & Founder, Sistas In Sales / Account Executive, LinkedIn

It can be quite intimidating and a bit overwhelming when starting a new entrepreneurial business venture, but having Cherilynn Castleman in your corner gives you the comfort and confidence needed to feel secure in pursing your ideas and bringing them to fruition. Cherilynn Castleman is amazing at asking all the right questions and even better at listening in order to advise, create strategies and give you clarity around the steps to take in order to reach your desired goal. I am thankful for the opportunity to work closely with Cherilynn.

- Erica Strunkey

CEO and Founder, SincerelyGlamatrix/ Assistant Vice President, Campus Recruiter Senior at Citi

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