Cherilynn Castleman is one of the most intuitive person I’ve ever met. She gives amazing advice, and direction but most importantly she is a great and active listener. Because she has wealth of experience, she can pinpoint trends within your career and lead you on a better path. Cherilynn Castleman is more than a “sounding board” for ideas, she is a strategist, an advisor and friend. I feel extremely lucky to have met her.

- Chantel George

CEO & Founder, Sistas In Sales / Account Executive, LinkedIn

It can be quite intimidating and a bit overwhelming when starting a new entrepreneurial business venture, but having Cherilynn Castleman in your corner gives you the comfort and confidence needed to feel secure in pursing your ideas and bringing them to fruition. Cherilynn Castleman is amazing at asking all the right questions and even better at listening in order to advise, create strategies and give you clarity around the steps to take in order to reach your desired goal. I am thankful for the opportunity to work closely with Cherilynn.

- Erica Strunkey

CEO and Founder, SincerelyGlamatrix/ Assistant Vice President, Campus Recruiter Senior at Citi

Cherilynn Castleman is the most effective and clear career coach that I’ve ever had. She shares tactics and concrete steps to help with memory retention, speaking up in meetings, and for achieving one’s goals – personal and professional. Her approach is gracious yet stern, and encourages honesty, fearlessness-ness, excellence and results from both parties. I feel blessed and well equipped to take on new opportunities and responsibilities with her guidance.

- Atiya Elliott-Semper

Integrated Marketing Strategist and Video Producer

Cherilynn’s coaching has taken me from brainstorming to business-owning. At the beginning of our journey together, I had a big vision that intimidated me and loose ideas about how to bring it into form. Cherilynn helped me make peace with my doubts & fears while guiding me towards actionable steps that turned my vision into an up-and-coming business! It was initially difficult for me to accept the idea of having a coach because I was so used to doing everything on my own. But without Cherilynn’s unique guidance I wouldn’t have had the support and encouragement I needed to move forward in my entrepreneurial journey.

- Briani Claggett

Founder and Chief Educator, Nu Rhythms

I found Cherilynn’s webinar to be incredibly informative. Her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge, and resource sharing was captivating.

- Tiffany Spraggins-Payne

MBA -Design & Business Strategist | Innovator | Creative | Change Agent

In just a one hour session, Cherilynn shared years of hard-earned sales knowledge with our audience. Her talk was engaging, entertaining, and filled with practical, actionable advice. Everyone at the session, including some attendees with years of experience, left with new tips, frameworks, and newfound commitment to growth and taking action.

- Jake Ritzheimer

University City Science Center

Thank you so much for your presentation at Justworks (SKO)! Your content and attitude was captivating, and I can’t wait to put what I learned into action!

- Noelle Lamparelli

Sales Development Associate, Justworks

I found Cherilynn’s webinar to be incredibly informative. Her enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge, and resource sharing was captivating.

- Tiffany Spraggins-Payne, MBA

Design & Business Strategist | Innovator | Creative | Change Agent

Receiving executive coaching from Cherilynn has been a complete game changer for me and my business. I was cautiously optimistic when I met Cherilynn but realized as soon as my introductory session how invaluable this opportunity was going to be for my business and my personal life. Cherilynn’s coaching approach is masterfully personal, compassionate, and flexible. She has encouraged me to think through my goals as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom and coaches me through identifying and executing the steps to success. My business and my personal life are stronger because of I’ve secured Cherilynn as my coach. It’s truly been one the most rewarding investments I’ve made in myself.

- Tahira Christmon

Founder, Culture Collaborative / Membership Director, Council on Foundations

When I first began coaching… I didn’t expect to double the amount of outbound meetings I book each month. And I hadn’t considered that I could find joy in connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, As I transitioned into my new role as a SDR, she helped to shift my thinking. I’ve been in role for a few months and have consistently reached my quota. Cherilynn helped me achieve this.

- Janine Simone

Sales Development Rep (SDR), InsideView Technologies, Inc.
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