It's time to make yourself a priority

Start making your numbers and hold yourself to a higher standard! Connect with people in a way that you have never connected before. Make sales coaching a critical component of your overall success strategy. 

Work With Cherilynn

One-on-One Coaching

With coaching you will be equipped to use what you learn to do the work that gets you closer to your goals and powers your success.


Coaching Retainer

 4 Sessions/$400

8 Sessions/ $750

Small Group Coaching (With one-on-one attention)

You’ll quickly discover you’re surrounded by women just like you—high-achievers who aren’t content to settle for average results.

* $100 For a two-hour Session

Full and Half Day Workshops

Workshops are designed to help you apply your learning so that you can implement concrete and tangible actions from the very first day.


$250 / $400

Organization Workshops

Hundreds of people—from professional account executives  and new sellers who are just starting out to leaders of Fortune 100 brands—have benefited from attending Cherilynn's  organization  sponsored trainings. 

Speaking Engagements

Book Cherilynn to speak. 

Many business and sales speakers teach audiences tools and tactics. Cherilynn goes deeper, inspiring audiences to get results.


Looking to hire your first salesperson?

Can you close deals and see future growth—

but can’t get there on your own? 

Cultivate a healthy sales mindset and business growth.  Move from "Sidepreneur" to six-figures


Sales Skills Training & Coaching Inquiry

Contact me using the form below to enquire about improving your business sales skills or building your organization’s sales capability.

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My sliding scale pricing model

The cost of Small Group Coaching ranges from $50–90 per session; the fees are determined by the judgment of the client. No questions are asked. I am also aware that $50 per session is still too high for some people; if this is the case for you, please contact me to start a conversation.

My commitment to you 

Why am I doing this? I view coaching as life-transforming work, and I feel strongly that it should be accessible to anyone who needs it. You should feel totally comfortable choosing what feels right for you. I want to do what I can to bring more opportunities to everyone. Personally speaking, the more people I get to know, the better my own life becomes! 

Investment in yourself and career

Ask you manager or HR about funding for professorial development.