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The Power of Sales Coaching/Training For Women to Explode Your Business And Empower Women of Color Sales Leaders

Women of Color (WOC) continue to be underrepresented at the top of corporate ladders. However, they offer immense value to sales organizations as powerful and influential leaders. Want to know how to develop superstars within your organization? We can help.

Our comprehensive and bespoke 3 or 6 month program isn’t an expense: It’s an investment in sales retention, coaching, and leadership, through a cohort of up to 10 high-level women. We have the secret ingredients needed to promote and elevate female leaders within any business, so you can:

Stretch: Inflate the roles and responsibilities of salespeople and leaders to encourage growth and excitement about the future.

Develop: Focus on developing a female-friendly culture that encourages female applicants while retaining existing staff.

Take Steps: Put steps in place to improve your corporate coaching culture, ensuring that female salespeople are trained and empowered.

Raise Your Game: Level up our sales team to the same place as your buyers. Your salespeople need to be experts in finance, negotiating, and credibility, and we’ll show them what it takes to get there.

Welcome to the Sales Cohort For Women That Aligns With Your Organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Goals Through Targeted Coaching!

This powerful 1:1 coaching program is designed to enrich the careers of each participant and create a collaborative environment that can and will level-up your sales team for good.

Maybe this is your story…

  • You have a high turnover rate and want to improve how effective your salespeople are
  • You’ve hired WWOC salespeople before, but with lackluster results
  • You’ve invested in agencies and training programs before that seemed to make no real difference
  • You’re lagging behind on reaching your diversity goals because you think other things are more important
  • You’ve tried new ideas and frameworks, but each one left you in exactly the same place as where you started
  • You want to have more confident, empowered employees – but you’re unsure where to start or what to do

Well, I’m thrilled you’re here – because our Cohort Group Coaching is going to help your goals and plans become a reality – finally!

The Cohort Group Coaching/Training Package!

The most effective 3-6 month sales cohort for women available for sales organizations today.

Here’s what you need that other coaching and trainings programs can’t give you:

  • Connection and community for WOC salespeople
  • Community support and growth
  • Collaborative coaching that’s focused on strength-based improvement
  • Sales training that will provide clarity and increase saleswomen’s capabilities
  • Workshops designed to help salespeople learn how to create more value for customers
  • Insights and actionable knowledge to turn sales people into sales leaders
  • Hands-on learning through experiences that simulate the real world
  • Resources to apply to situations to create value and drive business outcomes
  • Frameworks to help build high-performance teams and strengthen partnerships

You’ll get all of this and more with
The Cohort Group/Training Coaching Package

What Clients Say About Our Sales Cohort

Rhonda Hullaby, Senior Enterprise Account Sales Executive at T-Mobile, shares her testimonial on the benefits of attending Cherilynn’s Sales Cohort for Women Leaders and how her sales records continue to excel since then.
Katie Paul, Enterprise Sales Executive at T-Mobile, shares her testimonial on the benefits of attending Cherilynn’s Sales Cohort for Women Leaders.

I was absolutely blown away when Cherilynn walked through her Cohort program in detail and selling it up the chain was a piece of cake. I received glowing updates from the women throughout the program and reports of their growth from managers and peers

– May Kay Badar, T-Mobile

Working with Cherilynn has been completely life-changing. She is an expert at “The Art of the Sale”! I have gleaned from her a skillset that makes me unstoppable in this industry!

– Rhonda Hullaby, T-Mobile

Her ability to lift women up and teach them to recognize and develop their greatness is undeniable and I feel so fortunate to have been included in her first ever T-Mobile Anchoring Women Leadership program.

– Sheri Olsen, T-Mobile

She is excellent at pulling out the best in you which helps you be the best for your clients. Cherilynn has a way of asking you the right questions that really led to new perspectives, strategies, and breakthroughs. Even after been a seasoned sales professional of 16 years, I learned countless sales techniques which helped me better serve my clients.

– Taneishia S. Fields, Experian

Meet Cherilynn Castleman (MBA)…your coach!

Our Managing Partner and Executive Coach, Cherilynn, has over 30 years of experience as a Fortune 500 Global Sales Executive, and she is passionate about the opportunities available for empowered women. Her own experience as a successful entrepreneur taught her that dedication, passion, and grit are essential when it comes to making your dreams a reality. As a wife and mother, Cherilynn understands first-hand the challenges of balancing family and a career – and the stress of trying to do it all. Now, she wants to teach other women to do the same.

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