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Skyrocket Your Revenue, See Higher Conversions, and Slow Down Turnover With Expert Advice in Creating Exceptional Sales Leaders From Your Existing Team and New Talent!

Cherilynn Castleman works with companies during their sales recruitment process to help them reach their diversity goals while seeing shorter sales cycles, higher conversion rates, and increased customer satisfaction. Find out more about how we can help you via a free consultation!

Are you ready to invest in the development and retention of a gender-diverse salesforce of confident women of color who bring unique insights and capabilities to their team? If you want to be a leading sales organization, then the answer is a less homogenous workforce. Thoughtfully designed and implemented policies of diversity and inclusion lead to…

Higher Sales Forecasts: Elevate your sales forecasts and produce better financial returns by up to 35% through a diverse and talented sales team representing more of your customers. The result? More accurate, higher sales forecasts.

High Conversation Rates: It’s a fact: Sales teams that have implemented properly diverse practices (that include women of color in their leadership) see a whopping average lead-to-opportunity conversation rate of 54%.

High Sales Attainment: Want to see your sales attainment skyrocket to 43% or more? The solution is diversity in sales teams. A Harvard Business Review proved that female saleswomen regularly outperform their male counterparts in quota-based systems.

Higher Customer Satisfaction: Your customers will appreciate being represented by a gender-diverse salesforce of people who share their race and gender. WOC salespeople have been shown to forge better connections with their customers and, in turn, create better relationships.

Who Rules the World?

That’s right – diverse and inclusive sales teams!

Cherilynn Castleman’s diversity consulting assists sales executives and DE&I professionals in reaching their goals by implementing diversity solutions that are authentic and create lasting results.

Do any of these sound like your organization?

  • You’re a sales leader who wants to improve your sales performance and create an environment which leads to hard conversions – but nothing you do seems to stick, and you struggle with a high turnover rate.
  • You’re a DE&I professional trying to implement the company’s core values of diversity, but you’re struggling to identify and implement an effective model that works.

Diversity success is rooted in understanding the foundations of approaching women of color, and how to empower them to go from salespeople to rockstar sales leaders.

To achieve this, sales teams must connect empathetically with their customers and use the insights gained from these connections to collaborate with clients and tailor solutions to fit their specific needs. Women are typically better at these tasks than men, even in the sphere of remote sales. This is the roadmap to investing in female sales leaders that can and will transform your organization:

  • Deviate from Traditional Recruitment Practices: A shift in your sales diversity recruiting strategies will allow you to hire the best people with a clear strategy that has defined ROI.
  • Attract WOC Sales Professionals: I’ll put you in touch with a community of talented WOC saleswomen who aren’t available on more traditional hiring platforms.
  • Stop the Revolving Door of High Turnover: Once you’ve hired the right talent, you will understand how to create an environment that leads to infinite company loyalty and growth.

Are You Ready?

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