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Recruit, Retain and Elevate

Skyrocket Your Revenue, See Higher Conversions, and Slow Down Turnover With Expert Advice in Creating Exceptional Sales Leaders From Your Existing Team and New Talent!

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Sales Cohort for Women

The Power of Sales Coaching/Training For Women to Explode Your Business And Empower Women of Color Sales Leaders

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Coaching is a safe place where women can fully be themselves and discover new ways to achieve their desired outcomes through conversation in a supportive, judgement-free space.

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Live Events

Have you come to a crossroads on the journey to building the career you want? Maybe things aren’t exactly going according to plan, or perhaps you have been faced with bottlenecks that slowed your progress.

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Keynote Speaker

For more than twenty years, Cherilynn Castleman has been helping Fortune 500 clients as a global sales executive. Cherilynn has experience as both an individual contributor and a manager of enterprise sales and account teams

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