One of the Sales Influencers You Should Be Following in 2023

Today Salesforce announced today the 2023 Sales Influencer. Not only am I humbled and honored by this recognition I think it’s cool.

During my sales career, I’ve broken the glass ceiling by clawing and climbing by way to the top, mostly by myself, skinning my knees and elbows.

Now, as a Salesforce Influencer I want to help as many Black and Brown women as possible to have the right advice and guidance, so they don’t feel alone climbing their mountains. I don’t want them to go through my experience and be invisible for too long, with elbows and knees bruised to move the needle.

I’m determined to help a million Women of Color become too good to be ignored and to sit at the table of their dreams. by 2030. And I thank Salesforce for the opportunity to amplify my voice do this.


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