Lovas Consulting Podcast: Leadership Re-Imagined

March 2, 2022

Join us in March for Women’s History Month. Each podcast episode this month will feature a woman leader who is committed to causing women leaders in the world.

This week listen in as Cherilynn Castleman and I talk about Sales and Leadership. Cherilynn’s vision is to create a learning environment that is an inclusive space for all saleswomen of color to build and grow in community with one another to achieve their professional goals; to equip Black and Brown professional saleswomen with the sales skills and core competencies they need to take a proactive, intentional, and strategic approach to their careers and entrepreneurial dreams. 

Cherilynn Castleman has helped Fortune 500 clients as a global sales executive for 20+ years. Currently, the Managing Partner/Executive Coach for CGI- a sales training and coaching firm. She empowers women of color across the sales sector and prides herself on changing mindsets as well as instructing and inspiring others to action. 

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