Improving Sales Performance Through Flexing

The single most powerful thing you can learn in the client relationship space

You can access the Webinar recording here  

 Also see the Blog “Flexing is Easy As Pie” for a summary of the three steps and the four Social Styles™

This masterclass will teach you the simple and effective frameworks to gain the key insights

 you need to sell anything to anyone or manage even the most demanding clients.

What You Will Walk Away With 

– An easy to follow roadmap to connect with people

– Leverage your strengths for greater success 

– Adapt your approach to increase sales results

–  Communicate with maximum impact

Becoming An Empathic Seller Using Financial Insights

Immerse yourself in your client’s business, learn to look for pain points that you can directly address 

You can access the Webinar recording here  

 This Financial Fluency masterclass will develop  skills to diagnose tough business problems that clients may not even know they have. Gain an understanding of your client’s business, at both a financial and tactical level. 

–  Refine your ear and become more closely attuned to your client’s priorities and pains points

–  Harness authentic empathy and powerful questions to better understand your client’s needs.

–  Parse financial statements to find connections between client’s pain and your product

What You Will Walk Away With 

– Learn while doing actual clients research  

– Discover how financial results drive strategy

– Leverage corporate finance as a sales tool

– Learn rapid research techniques 

– Link what you sell to what clients buy 

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