I’m Officially A Sales Insider on LinkedIn

Three and a half years ago, I was the Invisible Woman. I had disappeared into the cyber world. I learned the hard way that not networking and engaging with connections on LinkedIn made me seem obsolete, like my career had expired. This felt worse than scary — it was lonely. (Read more about my journey in the first comment.)  

Earlier this year, I was shocked when I opened Hana Benkirane‘s email notifying me that I had been selected for a creator partnership as a member of LinkedIn Sales Solutions inaugural Sales [In]sider cohort! I couldn’t believe it.   

Today, I’m on-site at LinkedIn meeting with product managers, content creators, and editors, including Ashley Peterson Seema Jethani Neil KhareMitali Pattnaik, and Tai Bendit contributing to the product vision and sharing use cases.  

I also had the opportunity to be interviewed by Sean Callahan and Amari Gonzalez to record videos for upcoming product launches and evergreen sales tips.  

It’s such a gift to be able to do what you love, and it’s an honor to be recognized for it. LinkedIn Sales Solutions, thank you! It’s such a privilege to be included alongside other sales thought leaders in this space.

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Read more about the Sales [In]sider program.


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