How to Write Sales Emails That Convert

Have you ever gotten an email that annoyed you, maybe you weren’t sure why…You read it and knew that you liked the company or organization it came from and maybe you knew and liked the sender but the email annoyed the hell out of you?

Well, I got one of those recently.  I was annoyed with the writer, and I felt bad for her.  

Here’s how the email read “ I started my company because I was feeling… I wanted to help other women. I worked hard to build my company… I’m offering this because… My mission is to do this…I want to achieve this…” and on it went for six paragraphs. 

In the first three paragraphs the writer mentioned her goals, her company, her opportunities, and her vision. She used I, Me, My company 9 times and not once did she write about… you (the reader), your goals, your company, or your industry. All counted, there were 23  “I” and 10 “You” statements in the six paragraph email. WOW!! Now I know why it was off-putting. 

Here’s a quick tip. The next time you write an email to a client, or a lead gen email – one that you are going to send to thousands of leads.  STOP and COUNT the “you, your company, your industry” and count the number of “I, me, we (my team), my company, industry”. The ratio you’re aiming for is 2:1. Two “You”s for every 1 “I”.

Here is a Triangle strategy to consider when communicating with clients and or leads.

Break your message into threes:

  1. Reader’s Objectives: Financial, operational, or long/short term goals
  2. Reader’s Industry or World: Environment- pandemic, trends, or consumer demands
  3. Your Solutions: Customer impact, business function, or support objects

This is an easy way to hit the 2:1 ratio. Include three topics – two about the client and one about you.

Here are some additional email tips to keep in mind:

  • Include a subject line that will grab your reader’s attention. Use an email subject line grader. You have just 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention.
  • Make the “pre-header” or “pre-view” count. This is the first sentence, on mobile devices, your reader sees. 
  • Keep it Simple. 3 sentences and a call to action. Research from Boomerang suggests that sales emails written at a 3rd-grade-reading level get the highest response rate. Test Your Readability  
  • Include a call-to-action; a compelling reason to meet with you
  • Keep a 2:1 ratio – the “You, Your Company, Your Industry” two times to the “I, Me, and My company.”  

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