How to Use Your Uniqueness to Sell More

Your unique qualities have the potential to be your superpower. Let’s unpack how you can identify these traits to exceed target.

Has anyone ever told you that it takes a special kind of person to be successful in sales? I’ll let you in on a secret…they couldn’t be more right! If you know you have a great product or service offering that you are selling at an exceptionally competitive price, but you’re still unable to reach target, what are you missing?

For many of us women in sales, we tend to focus on delivering the best pitch possible without considering how our own uniqueness can be our superpower.

Let me ask you a question. What seals the deal on a sale? Of course, we need to be in tune with our product to an extent where it makes sense that we are engaging with the client in the first place. Knowing Your Client (KYC) is a matter of practicality, after all. But what will get them to respond to your mail or answer your call without screening you or leaving you on read?

The answer, is you. Yes – you. It really could not be any simpler.

Here are some of the ways your strengths can be converted to superpowers, and how you can use your uniqueness to sell more and exceed target:

Identify Strengths, Convert These Into Superpowers

  • Before you sell your client on your award-winning personality, you need to sell them on your ability to solve a problem for them, and therein lies your strength. Are you an exceptional visionary, with a keen eye for detail and design? Or are you more mechanically minded where processes and procedures are your forte? Highlighting your expertise in these areas will show your clients how you qualify as the right person with the right solution, and will, ultimately, be your superpower.

Demonstrate Your Superpowers

  • As women in sales, we don’t give ourselves nearly enough credit for what we bring to the table. If you have an opportunity to show how your superpowers can solve a problem more efficiently and effectively than anyone else with a similar offering, make sure you play to those strengths. Applying critical thinking and showing what you can bring to the table will be what seals the deal on a sale and how you can truly harness your superpowers. 

Create Authentic Connections to Seal the Deal

  • It is important to create resonance with your client by quickly demonstrating certain qualities that seek to establish a meaningful human connection. Soft skills like these cannot be overlooked in sales. Share something about yourself that you feel might help your client relate better to you as a person – and encourage them to do the same. Traits such as empathy, optimism, altruism, passion, and modesty are quite literally at the heart of this.

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