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Empathetic Listening Scale

Where do you fall on the Empathetic Listening Scale? Take the quiz and and find out if you are an “Empath Extraordinaire”, “Lukewarm Listener”, or a “Noisy Novice”.


  • 100% – Empath Extraordinaire
  • 90% to 80% – Lukewarm Listeners
  • 70% or Less – Noisy Novice

Empath Extraordinaire are keenly attuned to the needs and the desires of their clients and adeptly at hearing what’s not being said.

Lukewarm Listeners are good at getting their clients talking and sometimes miss out on the nuances of what’s being said. 

Less Noisy Novice are experienced at giving their sales pitches, but are still developing the skills needed to engage their clients in a conversation and listen deeply to wants being said. 

In sales, empathic listening is more challenging than basic listening, because, during this global pandemic, clients may feel chipped and worn down as they navigate feelings of anxiety, isolation, and uncertainty.  Learn more about empathic selling tips.

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Empathetic Listening Tips

For empathic selling tips, listen to a recent Podcast interview- The 20% Podcast: The Art of Empathetic Listening, and Getting To “7 No’s”


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