Diversity Drives Sales: The Stats You Can’t Afford to Ignore

The world’s leading businesses are making diversity a key part of their strategy, and the results are paying off tenfold. Twentyfold. And beyond. Retaining a diverse salesforce goes beyond showcasing a commitment to DE&I – it’s a smart business decision, and the proof is in the numbers.

  • Sales organizations that actively implement proven DE&I practices have been found to experience a 54% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate. A big improvement compared to the 28% seen by the poor companies that fail to see the value of DE&I.
  • Diverse sales teams can expect their revenue to soar by at least 9%. This is compared to a sorry 7% for those not-so-diverse sales teams we mentioned in our last point.
  • Higher customer satisfaction is basically a given when DE&I is fueling your recruitment strategy. In fact, satisfaction scores have been shown to rise by an average of a staggering 24%. That’s compared to the 17% seen by those poor lagging teams.
  • Sales teams that embrace DE&I practices are consistently achieving sales attainment rates of around 43% (12% higher than those unfortunate lagging souls).

If I were sitting where you are, I would say, “okay, Cherilynn, this is great, but what can I do? I’m a sales manager. What can I do to change this? What can I do to make a difference?”

One of my mentors, Bill Green, the former CEO of Accenture, shared, “when you criticize somebody, you raise their defensiveness; but if you challenge somebody, you raise their game.” 

Here’s my challenge to you. During meetings, look around the table, and look at the leadership team during virtual calls; is there an opportunity to challenge your organization’s DE&I practices?

Next, challenge yourself. Look in the mirror, look at your team, and figure out where you can do a better job. Here are three things that will help you get closer to your goals:

  • Have SAFE Conversations (Read about how to Break the Silence and Share Your leadership voice with SAFE Conversations here). As Ben & Jerry’s puts it, “Silence is NOT an option.” Frequently, we are silent because we don’t know how or where to start a difficult conversation; we remain quiet to be safe and maintain professionalism.
  • See Them. Nothing motivates and validates you more than having somebody tell you. I see you. One of my clients tells me her manager doesn’t see them every day. Tell your underrepresented team members you see them. a) Tell them you see their performance –“I see the value you bring to our company, to our team, and your clients”; b) Tell them you see them as an individual, as a person—listen to their story, be present and empathetic; and c) See them in your future—make sure they’re part of your plan. I worked for a COO once, and he told me, Cherilynn, I see you taking my role when I become CEO. Do you have an SDR that’s knocking it out of the park? Tell them, “I see you leading this team one day”; Do you have an account manager exceeding the quotas? Tell them I see you being on the enterprise team. #ISeeYou
  • Change the way you work. Mentor, coach, advocate, and sponsor someone who doesn’t look like you.Elevate them, give them stretch assignments, and support them.

Develop a culture where you have a female and underrepresented minority-friendly culture. “Because once you attract me, if the culture is not friendly, I’m not gonna stay.”

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