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As a business leader or entrepreneur, sound counsel and effective interventions are key to your ability to successfully drive outcomes and grow your business. CGI’s premier consulting practice is designed to address the individual needs of your business and create customized solutions to dramatically improve your business growth. Our consulting practice will help you:

  • Engage and build customer trust
  • Hire your first sales talent
  • Implement an achievable sales strategy
  • Maximize time and increase passive income

Consulting Approach

At CGI, we know that every business is unique so the solutions we provide are customized to address your specific needs. To better understand our approach to working with our consulting clients, read on to learn how we helped one of our clients hire their first sales talent.

CGI Consulting Engagement: Hire Your First Sales Talent


  • Exponential revenue growth: Double annual revenue from $500,000 to $1 million.
  • Sales processes: Develop and implement a sales strategy, structure, and compensation plan.
  • Sales talent: Attract, hire, onboard, and train experienced all-star sales talent, with a history of measurable success in a previous sales role and passion. Sales professionals who can leverage their extensive experience and current national network.


CGI began with an analysis of the go-to-market plan. During the discovery and planning phase, we reviewed a) current messaging, marketing strategies, and tactics; b) historical revenue and sales trends; c) current buyer’s behavior and sales process; and d) market share and potential.

Next, we developed an achievable sales strategy and documented the selling process in alignment with the current typical buying processes. Additionally, the sales process aligned with the marketing plan to create a Team Revenue model that finds customers, develops markets, and accelerates sales.

Finally, CGI created a customized sales compensation plan to help our client hire talented sales professionals, enter new markets, and increase revenue growth. The compensation plan included unique considerations for four sales roles and provided sufficient acceleration to get the attention of the account executive and reward them for landing new customers and retaining current clients, in addition to:

  • Providing focused and straightforward metrics that get the business development representatives attention and recognize the daily consultative outreach.
  • Rewarding customer success reps for upsells or add-ons to orders and ensuring balance between retention and upsell to reward their primary goal as well as recognize exceptional efforts.
  • Driving sales development reps to find new leads for the account executives to chase. A portion of their incentive pays for qualified leads and lead conversion to closed deals.

Work with CGI Consulting

The Experience to Help

The one constant in Cherilynn’s career has been her ability to deliver results consistently, whether it’s designing and providing an optimal learning experience, coaching clients, or leading business unit transformations. She’s energized by the opportunity to inspire and empower individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary results and catapult to the next stage of growth. See her biography for a summary of results delivered for companies from start-ups to teams with $170 million in annual revenue.

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