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Are you at a crossroads in your sales career?

Have you encountered bottlenecks that slowed your progress?

Looking to take your sales career to the next level? 

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Reach your potential, achieve your career goals, find balance, and live a better life.  Learn more about coaching solutions and workshops that provide concrete, actionable tactics and suggestions. 

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Don't get passed over for promotions or miss out on commissions and bonuses. Experience how amazing you truly are. Find the energy and time for your family, community, and passions. 


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Cherilynn believes in making your dreams and goals a reality and she knows just how to do that. She's prepared to help you at any level, from impartial advice or practical assistance to help you make the most of every opportunity.

If you’d like to work with Cherilynn Castleman, please use the contact form below or email us at:

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Find the skills and confidence to build the career that’s right for you.


"Cherilynn Castleman is one of the most intuitive person I’ve ever met. She gives amazing advice, and direction but most importantly she is a great and active listener. Because she has wealth of experience, she can pinpoint trends within your career and lead you on a better path. Cherilynn Castleman is more than a “sounding board” for ideas, she is a strategist, an advisor and friend. I feel extremely lucky to have met her."

Chantel George

CEO & Founder, Sistas In Sales / Account Executive, LinkedIn


"Cherilynn Castleman is the most effective and clear career coach that I’ve ever had. She shares tactics and concrete steps to help with memory retention, speaking up in meetings, and for achieving one’s goals - personal and professional. Her approach is gracious yet firm, and encourages honesty, fearlessless-ness, excellence and results from both parties.  I feel blessed and well equipped to take on new opportunities and responsibilities with her guidance." 

-Atiya Elliott-Semper

Integrated Marketing Strategist and Video  Producer


"Sometimes you meet people and they have an immediate impact because they help to ignite a spark in you - this was Cherilynn Castleman for me. Her personal and relatable approach to reaching her audience and effective coaching style helps break down communication barriers and allows for open conversation. Her advice and tips will challenge you to think outside of the box and push you to find your best self. This is exactly the type of career coaching we need to drive the ordinary to become extraordinary. "

- Erica Franklin

Partner Builder/Account Management


"Cherilynn Castleman gives clarity to an indecisive mind - accompanied by amazing advice. She’s innovative and really listens.  An incredible strategist, advisor and I’m proud to call her my friend. I feel extremely lucky to have her as my coach and blessed to have her as my champion.."

Katherine Powell 

Account Executive (Former)

Independent Consultant


“It can be quite intimidating and a bit overwhelming when starting a new entrepreneurial business venture, but having Cherilynn Castleman in your corner gives you the comfort and confidence needed to feel secure in pursing your ideas and bringing them to fruition. Cherilynn is amazing at asking all the right questions and even better at listening in order to advise, create strategies and give you clarity around the steps to take in order to reach your desired goal. I am thankful for the opportunity to work closely with Cherilynn."

Erica Strunkey

CEO & Founder


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